The Journey of The Kozmik Koala........

Stikk Für Tatt was created as a platform for me, Marcel Da Kozmik Koala, to spread my art & characters which I've been creating most of my life,out into the world through stickers, temporary body tattoos, T-shirts, backpacks and other cool things. Many of the characters featured in my Etsy shop, I originally created for a children's book I wrote & illustrated for my daughter right after her birth. It was about a Koala named Kalaya (same as my daughter's name) who learns about her unique & important place in the world. She's 4 years old now and the characters really resonate with her in a huge way which is why I made them into stickers and temporary tattoos through which she could further express herself through them.
I've attached some videos and pictures of some of my original line artworks that I've created throughout the years and that I've revised to make them suitable for print for my Etsy shop. These videos also reveal a bit of my creative  process, as I put all my pictures on my wall which makes it easy to take pictures at a good angle that doesn't skew the proportion when needed for scanning. 

I try to do some  interesting things with my prints like experimenting with different materials for my stickers and trying to print on interesting garments and try do something interesting when infusing my artwork unto the garment or item. I want my designs to actually look stylish when worn as I'm a bit of a fashionista and also want my stickers and temporary body tattoos to really pop.

I'm currently living in Berlin for almost 8 years, but I was born in Jamaica,  but I moved here from the Florida/Cayman Islands...... But enough about me...Just know that Creating Characters and turning those characters into something people can actually enjoy is really a joy for me...so you just the action of you visiting my shop and looking at my creations makes me happier than you can even imagine. I have a lot of designs being prepared and ready to go, so thank you so much for supporting me in engaging with my passion.
One Love. 

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